Scar Repair

Scars from trauma, surgery, burns, chemicals, etc. that have left areas on the scalp or face can all be treated with hair transplantation.  The hair is obtained from the scalp just like the hair for scalp restoration which means it will grow longer if you let it.  This means it will require routine grooming (cutting) to maintain the desired length in the new site. Scar tissue is not as vascular as regular skin but surprisingly it can grow hair that is transplanted very well. Sometimes it will take more than one session to achieve the desired density.

Examples of Scar Repair:

Skin cancer is a common tumor on the scalp especially in people with thinning hair. You are more prone to skin cancer on the scalp when the hair is not there to protect it from the damaging UV rays.

Another example is surgical scars from face lift. While many scars are very well hidden, sometimes the sideburns are lifted up and creates a vacant or unnatural appearance to the area in front of the ear. In addition, with age or male/female pattern hair loss, the hair that used to hide a face lift scar either in the frontal hair line or behind the ear may become visible over time. Hair restoration may help camouflage these types of surgical scars.

Occasionally we see injuries from car accidents, falls from bikes/skate boards, or other accidental trama that can cause a hairless scar of the eyebrow, mustache or beard areas. These are all examples of scars that may be helped through hair transplant.

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