FUT is a very sophisticated procedure that provides the most robust and permanent grafts of the donor area while causing minimal scarring.

FUT or FUSS is based on removing a skin strip from the back of the head taking advantage of the skin laxity. The donor area is closed with stitches and a linear scar is left behind after healing occurs, which is mostly overemphasised. The skin strip is slivered, then cut into individual grafts by an experienced team of technicians.

FUSS, is a very sophisticated procedure. It requires expertise to remove the skin strip without transecting follicles at the wound edges and close the wound in a way that causes minimal scarring. The graft dissection technique requires extensive training for years to master. A surgical team for FUSS requires many of these well-trained technicians.

The advantages of FUSS are:

  • 1. It provides the most robust and permanent grafts of the donor area.
  • 2. It usually provides more hair at once compared to FUE.
  • 3. Follicle transection rate (wasted hairs) may be much lower than FUE.
  • 4. It is more effective in difficult hair types such as afro-hair, very course hair or very fine hair.
  • 5. It leaves the rest of the donor area untouched for future sessions and thus gives significantly more hair over multiple sessions compared to FUE alone.
  • 6. The scar is left within the strongest portion of the donor area and therefore camouflaged well
  • 7. It may be done without shaving the donor area
  • 8. It doesn't leave an open wound; thus heals very fast

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