Eyebrow Eyelash Transplant

Eye Brows

Eyebrow transplantation is a commonly performed procedure at Estetik Hair. With this operation, the eyebrows can be made to look thicker and fuller and the effects are permanent. Years ago, eyebrow style favored a small, skinny and wispy brow.

This lead many to over-pluck the brow leaving them with brows that are too thin and sparse. Eyebrow transplantation is an excellent option to correct the over-plucked brow and restore a fuller brow while maintaining a completely natural look.

There are several important artistic components to an eyebrow transplant. First, the shape of the transplanted brow must look natural and frame the eye appropriately. For example, a female brow should arch and taper from the middle to the side, peaking over the top of the side of the eye (lateral canthus). A male brow should sit lower and closer to the eye and should have a flatter configuration.

Secondly, the angle at which the hair emerges must be very flat and almost tangential to the skin, laying down flush to the skin. This helps the transplant hair match normal growth patterns and maintain a natural look. During an eyebrow transplant, hair is generally taken from the back of the head and moved to the front. This hair continues to grow and will need frequent trimming and the brow hair will sometimes need to be trained to attain the exact shape and look the person desires. 

Eye Lashes

Long, full and curved eyelashes have always been a sign of youth and vibrance and have long been a highly desired trait. Unfortunately, thin, short and stubby eyelashes can be the result of age, excessive pulling or traction, poor nutrition, thyroid abnormalities or just poor genetics and bad luck. Patchy or partial loss of the eyelashes can be caused by trauma, burns, scarring, skin cancers and more. Dr. Bitner is an expert at both diagnosis and treatment of hair loss of the eyelashes. Hair transplantation to the lashes is an excellent option to get those longer and fuller eyelashes. As with other areas where hair is transplanted, the angle the transplanted hair emerges from the skin is extremely important during lash transplantation

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