Beard Transplant

Beard is one of the styles that men use most in the fashion in recent years. While many famous brands use bearded models in catalog shootings, it is possible to see beard in the actors who come against the screen in our country and in the world.

The beards, which are indispensable for charismatic men, bring sophisticated and intellectual stance. The beard is so popular in the male world that there are even sites with only bearded male photographs! Men with beard and mustache problems are carried out by transferring the hair between the two ears to the beardless and mustache-free areas, one by one using the FUE method.

It's a different operation than hair transplant. As the channels opened in the beard and mustache cultivation are more sloping, the angle and orientation should be well adjusted. After 7-8 months you can shave or extend your beard that completes the process.

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